The masterpieces of the BEMANI series are played by an orchestra...

2022.1.29 sat. OPEN 18:30/START 19:00





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  • ・Stream and VOD access are only available to the ZAIKO account used to purchase the ticket.
  • ・You will not be able to share stream or VOD access via URL after purchase.
  • ・Please read the "Recommendations for a Suitable Viewing Environment" carefully to ensure that you have an internet environment suitable for live streaming prior to purchasing a ticket.
  • ・Cancellations, exchanges, and refunds are not available after purchasing the ticket.
  • ・The livestream will not have a rewind function, this will instead be available for the VOD.
  • ・Internet issues and disturbances may interrupt the live stream and cause the stream to be temporarily delayed or disconnected.
  • ・ZAIKO and the event organizer are not responsible for any problems caused by your internet or viewing environment.
  • ・Customers are responsible for any internet costs associated with viewing the event.
  • ・Customers are encouraged to view the event using a strong Wi-Fi connection to support the large amount of data used to stream.
  • ・This event is a paid live broadcast. All rights are owned by the organizer. Screen capturing, filming, and recording with cameras, smartphones, etc. are all prohibited. In addition, if you share or distribute event footage without permission, you may be liable for legal liability.
  • ・Please allow messages from the domains,"" ""to ensure the proper delivery of event communications.
  • ・After the livestream, the VOD will be available for view to those purchased access.
  • ・The VOD can be viewed multiple times during the designated viewing period mentioned above.

〈Recommendations for a Suitable Viewing Environment〉

Smartphone or tablet
iOS 11.0 or later - Safari latest version
Android OS 5.0 or later - Google Chrome latest version
Windows 10 or above / MacOS 10.9 or above (latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox)

Please make sure to check your internet connection and the environment with these recommendations in mind prior to purchasing event access.
Please check for any damage or malfunctions that may negatively affect your viewing experience.
We cannot provide any support further than the Recommendations for a Suitable Viewing Environment

〈Connection Recommendations〉

A fast and stable internet connection is recommended to view the stream and the VOD.
Please check in advance whether your viewing environment is out of service area or has a weak signal, and that you have enough remaining data on your plan.
If you are using a shared Wi-Fi connection, please try turning off the Wi-Fi of devices that you are not using and removing obstacles between your device and the router.
Avoid areas that are crowded and/or surrounded by concrete that may disrupt your connection.

Please consider the guidelines above to ensure a stable viewing experience.
In addition, ZAIKO and the event organizer are not responsible for viewing troubles caused by customers.

▼You can test your internet connection via the link below.

◆Please check the ZAIKO site for the latest information on "Notes", "Recommended environment for watching videos", and "Communication environment".

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